The Biology of Belief

Finally! My class is having an in depth project in English where we are able to pick a topic ourselves and write about it. We could pick any topic we like, and because I love a mixture between science, spirits and magic, talking about Bruce H. Lipton amazing work suits me perfectly. In 2011 he published the book “the Biology of Belief” where he explains how cells receive and process information. Many of his ideas are hard to understand like: the DNA and genes do not control our biology, but instead the DNA is controlled by signals outside the cell. These signals can contain both positive and negative thoughts. This is hard to understand, but incredibly interesting.

I personally think this is a very interesting topic and Bruce H. Lipton seems like a very engaged and intelligent person. He is known for connecting science and spirit which makes him very original. He has a Ph.D. at the University of Virginia and has been working as a cell biologist for a very long time. He has written a total of three books and is most known for “The Biology of Belief”. I am looking forward to start this project and learn a lot about the way cells receive signals from the body and how they process these. 

This is a photo of Bruce H. Lipton taken from his website:



7 thoughts on “The Biology of Belief

  1. You sound really confident about this project and I hope it works out for you. I like science too, but not as much as others. You are going to do good on the project, I know it.
    Mr. Jakob’s class
    Period 2

  2. This is my first time ever hearing about Bruce H. Lipten, and I would LOVE to know more abut him and learn about his book because I LOVE learning about DNA/Chromesomes and genes.

  3. You seem to really enjoy this topic that you chose and that is a good thing because the more that you are intrested in something the better you do! Good Job. Mr.Jakobs Class MaKennaL2

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