English Project About World War Two

Lately, my English class have been finding information about World War two. We have been divided into several groups that are approaching different themes about the topic. My group decided to look into the Norwegian and American war effort and how the media portrayed the soldiers and the country’s effort during and after the war. This is for me personally a very interesting topic because it shows the difference between Norway and America during World War two. Norway was an occupied country and did not fight the Germans with a huge army. We used small groups that had secret illegal missions against the Nazi rule. A very well-known Norwegian military resistance group was Milorg. At the end of the war they had 55 thousand soldiers who sabotaged for the Germans by sinking ships, bombing buildings and so on.

When Japanese soldiers attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941, it led to America’s participation in the war. The big difference between Norwegian and American war effort was that America mobilized an entire army who went overseas to fight. Some people went to the pacific to fight Japanese soldiers while others fought Germans. The Americans made “the second front” and without their help, I believe the war would have lasted a lot longer. A huge advantage for the Americans was that they escaped getting damage on their own land, which they obviously saved a lot of money from.  

My English class is cooperating with a class in Alaska and we are going to record our presentations and send them to the students there. I believe it is very interesting to discuss with students all over the world and especially on topics that involve many countries, so I am very excited about this cooperation. 


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