The White Tiger

I have recently begun reading a book called “the White Tiger”. It is written by Aravind Adiga and was first published in 2008. It is a very well-known book and Adiga has received many prices for this work. “The White Tiger” was also his debut novel which makes him a great writer from the beginning of his career.

After reading a few pages in this book, I realized: it is not divided into chapters! I got very confused because I was asked to read five chapters by my teacher, but then there were no chapters in the book. There is, however a very good reason why this book is not divided. It is written as a very long letter from an Indian man to a man of great importance. In the letter the Indian man tells his life story and that is why it is so long. I have not read that much yet, but I think the story has great potential and can get very exciting.

I really like a strongly opinionated character and Adiga is fulfilling this need. It is not important for me to share someone’s view, but a person without opinions is not very interesting. If you want to learn more about India, you should really check out “the White Tiger” because I have an impression that you will learn a great deal from this book. 


2 thoughts on “The White Tiger

  1. I’m sorry about the confusion about reading chapters! I knew it was written as a letter, bur forgot it was not divided in chapters! That said, I think you have captured what the book is about, and I agree, the main character is a strong opinionated person! You will get to know him a lot better as you progress in your reading!

  2. This book seems quite interesting. I havent heard of it though. i will check in my local library for it and see if any of my teachers have read it aswell. I’m wondering as too who this “man of importance is”. it seems like a great book. Take care!

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