The Great Debaters

Have you ever watched a movie that has touched you in a way you can’t explain with words? It is so memorable and charged with emotion that you will always remember it. Well, the movie “the Great Debaters” influenced me in that way. I learned things I can never forget about how white people treated the black people in the 30s and how the minority fought back. Lynching is a word you probably have heard of, but I didn’t know what it was until I saw the movie. For you who don’t know, Lynching is murder by mob done to intimidate or punish a specific group of the population. It can be done in different ways and some of the methods are incredibly cruel.

In the movie the main characters often talk about lynching, but there is only one scene we actually get to see one method practised. There was a woman hanged on a stake above a fire. Her skin was burned on the surface and she didn’t move. At first I didn’t realise what I was watching, but when I did, a shiver went through my body. How do people manage to do such terrible things to others? When you are starting to torture and kill other people you aren’t realising what you are doing. You aren’t able to understand how much you are hurting another person. I can’t come up with any other reason why people would do such cruel actions.

Lynching became very popular in the 1930s and the movie “the Great Debaters” tells the story of four black people who fought against the discrimination. I love how the movie turns out and that it has a happy ending. It is also based on a true story which makes it even more beautiful. I recommend to all of my readers to watch it. It is worth it!


3 thoughts on “The Great Debaters

  1. Great article. Really glad the movie made a huge impression on you! It did with me as well. I too was shocked to see how they were treated. And thinking of what they had to endure. Good think there are courageous people ready to stand up and fight for injustice. Now is always the time for to do the right thing as they say in the movie!

  2. i actually did know what lyncing was, but i haven’t heard of the example you mentioned. thats terrible. there is a movie i watched that just made me think. its called life of pi. you should watch it, its a great movie if you’re feeling inspirational.

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