Should the Peace One Day Organisation Recieve the Nobel Peace Prize?

In my English class today I learned about a man named Jeremy Gilley. He is an actor, film maker and the founder of the international day: Peace One Day. He wanted to make a difference in the world and believed that one single day could make a difference. Peace One Day is a day where everyone all around the world is supposed to do good towards other people. The campaign this year (2013) was: “who will you make peace with?” This is a very good question that makes people think about their actions during the year. Maybe you want to make up to a person you treated badly?

During the years this day have become more and more successful and people from all the edges of the world are participating in this amazing event. Jeremy Gilley has started something so fantastic that even groups like the Taliban decided not to attack peace workers on the 21. September. Because of this, organisations were able to help people in poor countries get food, water and medical attention. This day can make the difference between life and death for people living in poor countries and that is why it is so very important.

This day is, however not just a day for charity work. You can help people at your school, neighbourhood, society and spare time activities to feel better on that day and also every other day. The idea of this day is to start small. At first there is only one day people show compassion to each other and after some time, people start spreading love and peace every day. This single day can in some years maybe cause world peace.

Every year one person earns the Nobel Peace Prize which is received in Norway. I believe Gilley’s organisation has done enough to earn the prize. Jeremy is a very dedicated and engaged man who tries to help people the best way he can. Jeremy Gilley thinks, like many others of his co-workers that 3 billion people will know about this day in 2016. I also believe that this can happen because the word spreads faster and faster every day. A recognition like the Nobel Peace Prize can make a great change for the Peace One Day organisation. They can use the money to save several lives and a lot more people will acknowledge the existence of the organisation.

You should visit the website for the organisation:


2 thoughts on “Should the Peace One Day Organisation Recieve the Nobel Peace Prize?

  1. I think it is a good idea. Perhaps next year! We certainly will do what we can to help the organization and make sure more people know about this. It is important to think that this is not only about countries in war, but also domestic violence and bullying in schools!

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